Desert MTB weekend – Southern Israel Bike Trail

February 6-10, 2020

Cross the southern part of the Negev desert in an amazing 4 day riding adventure. Tour along the Israel Bike Trail ending in the Timna National Park.
We start high up, circa 900 meters above sea level on the majestic cliffs of Makhtesh Ramon and gradually descend through ravines and dry river beds to the Arava Valley, encountering a multitude of natural phenomena found only in the Negev Desert as we follow in the footsteps of camel caravans traveling from the east to provide spices to the Roman Empire more than two millennia ago.

Riding style: XC / Flowing single-track
Riding days: 4
Daily Distance: 40-50 km
Daily climbs: 300-500 meters per day

Wish to ride only 2 days?

(Feb 7-8 or 9-10)

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Day 1 – February 6

Pick up from Tel-Aviv airport at 18:00 (*)
Meet our team, get acquainted with your tour mates, prepare your bikes or get to know your hired bikes, and enjoy the opening dinner.

“Desert Shade” – A basic but delightful getaway, Eco-Tour camp, located right outside the town of Mizpe Ramon and overlooking the massive Ramon crater just a couple of hundred meters away.

*In addition to searching for flights to Tel Aviv airport, we recommend searching for flights to Ramon airport landing before 17:00, these flights may be much cheaper.
In case you find an attractive option, please consult with us before booking.

Day 2 – February 7

Mizpe Ramon to Makhtesh Ramon (crater)

Yo Negev! Here we come! Celebrate the event’s kick off by riding high up on a magnificent cliff, hugging the rim of Machtesh Ramon, the world’s largest crater, 40 km long. Say hello to the Negev ibex and eagles who make this cliff their home. Use an ancient camels path to descend to the crater’s floor, and ride through magnificent geological formations colored adobe red, turquoise green, pitch black and desert brown.

  • Riding Distance: ~45 km;
  • Uphill: 190 meters.
  • Downhill: 710 meters
  • Total: -520 meters
  • Accommodation: Desert ‘khan’ in the Ramon Crater. Campfire and cold beer under million stars, and a great vibe!

Day 3 – February 8

Machtesh Ramon to Tzofar

Exit the Machtesh (Crater) through the Nekarot creek, and ride along the world famous Spice Road, where merchants made their way to the east thousands years ago, climb up a thrilling single track, negotiating huge surfaces of dark stone. Crossing to the other side of the mountain range, you will slide fast to the remains of the ancient Nabatic town of Moah. From there, ride North to an agricultural settlement named Tzofar, where we’ll spend the night.

  • Riding distance: ~40 km.
  • Uphill: 350 meters.
  • Downhill: 540 meters
  • Total: -190 meters
  • Accommodation: Desert Khan near Tzofar

Day Four – February 9

Ktora to Shaharut

After breakfast, we will transfer by bus to Ktora, where we will re-meet the Israel Bike Trail, climb the Ktora ascent, enjoy the amazing scenery of the Arava valley far below from the cliff top, then cross the beautiful white Kasui sand dunes and end up in Shaharut, the most isolated settlement in Israel, placed right on the cliff’s edge overlooking the Arava valley.

  • distance: ~40 km.
  • Climb: 400 meters.
  • Accommodation: Timna Park

Day 5 – February 10

The Timna Park single-track

Timna National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Israel. Ages of geological shifts and erosion have created a spectacular façade mostly consisting of red sand stone. Every corner in the park is breathtaking and cycling through this landscape is truly magical.
After breakfast we will ride the 30 km single-track, experiencing the amazing scenery the park has to offer with its endless amount of rock colors and formations.

At the end of the ride we’ll offer you a light lunch, and transfer you to the Tel Aviv airport (*)
Expected arrival time to Tel-Aviv: 17:00

  • Riding distance: ~30km
  • Climb: ~200 meters

(*) We recommend looking at flights departing from Ramon airport, located 15 minutes drive from Timna park.
These flights are cheaper, and save the 3 hours transfer to Tel-Aviv, making them attractive even if they include a connection.

Prices and booking:

Price: €780 per person
Bike hire: €160 per bike

Price includes:

  • 4 nights accommodation in desert khans (Bedouin style hospitality) and nomad camp
  • All your culinary needs – Breakfast, feeding zone during the riding day, after riding welcome snack and dinner
  • Plenty of free beers! including local craft beers and wine for dinner
  • Airport transfers
  • Full logistic support: Luggage transfer truck, paramedic, bike mechanic, etc.

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