Enduro Desert MTB weekend

December 12-16, 2019

The southern part of the Negev desert offers a vast variety of technical single-track, providing cyclists with dazzling views as well as challenging rides.
This part of the desert is dominated be a high lying ridge to the west circa 700 meters above sea level and the valley floor is approximately 100 meters, making for plenty of technical descents and climbs to put your skills to the test. Though we will make sure you’ll descend most of the time…
What else can a one ask for?

Riding style: Enduro
Riding days: 3
Daily Distance: 40-50 km
Daily climbs: 300-500 meters per day


Day 1 – December 12

Pick up from Ramon airport

You can pick any flight landing between noon time and 19:00.
Maximal waiting time for your pickup – up to 1 hour.
If you find a flight out of this time range, you are more than welcome to consult with us.

Transfer to Timna National Park, a short 10 minute drive from the airport.

After arrival at Timna, you’ll get to know your holiday buddies, listen to a short brief regarding the event and enjoy dinner with free local quality beers.

Day 2 – December 13

The Ketora Circle

Starting from the Arava Valley we’ll climb Maale Ketora, a MTB specific single-track built by local guides, passing under the dry Ketora water fall, with its iconic gigantic rocks lying under it, the result of violent flash floods that erode the cliffs around it. The trail will elevate us high on to the cliff above the valley. Then heading south riding along the plateau we’ll visit the astonishing sand dunes of the Kisui ravine.
Finally we will negotiate an amazing Descent taking us back down in to the Arava valley and to a well-earned rest.

  • Distance: ~40km
  • Climb: ~300 meters
  • Descent: ~900 meters
  • Accommodation: Timna Caravan Village

Day 3 – December 14

Shakhrut Circle and the Green Hill

After breakfast we’ll be transferred to Shakhrut, an isolated village situated on the cliffs overlooking the Arava Valley. There we’ll start the day flowing up and down the Israel Bike Trail allowing for some awesome vantage point to the valley 500 meters below.
After the relaxing flow of the first part of the day, we’ll take you to a descent which will require all your concentration and experience to negotiate. Steep, rocky with some challenging switchbacks… Great fun!
On the final stage of the day we’ll ride along some natural trails, more technical, but loads of fun until we arrive at the Green Hill. Its special color is due to a high content of copper and iron ores in the ground.

  • Distance: ~50km
  • Climb: ~300 meters
  • Descent: ~900 meters
  • Accommodation: Timna Caravan village

Day 4 – December 15

Rakham Ravine and the Timna Park Singletrack

Two rides on this day!
We start off 840 meters above sea level and ride down the Rakham Ravine to Eilat (sea level), steep, loose rocks, a little tricky to fine the right line. A couple of little climbs don’t dampen the fun. This should take around 2 hours.
Once everyone arrives at the bottom we’ll transfer to Timna National Park.
This is one of the most beautiful parks in Israel. Ages of geological shifts and erosion have created a spectacular façade mostly consisting of red sand stone. Every corner in the park is breathtaking and cycling through this landscape is truly magical. We’ll ride the new 30km single-track running through it, passing by the most amazing sights.

  • Distance: ~50km
  • Climb: ~500 meters
  • Descent: ~10 meters
  • Accommodation: Timna Caravan Village

Day 5 – December 16

End of tour

Following breakfast, we will transfer you to Ramon airport.
Expected arrival time to the airport: 11:30

We recommend looking at flights departing from Ramon airport, requiring shorter transfer time and cheaper flights.

Prices and booking:

Price: €730 per person
Bike hire: €120 per bike

Price includes:

  • 4 nights accommodation in Desert Khans (traditional desert camp) and nomad camp
  • All your culinary needs – Breakfast, feeding zone during the riding day, after riding welcome snack and dinner
  • Plenty of free beers! including local craft beers and wine for dinner
  • Airport transfers
  • Full logistic support: Luggage transfer truck, paramedic, bike mechanic, etc.

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