Long desert MTB weekend in the Dead Sea & Masada area

November 20-24, 2019

The recently built Judean Desert MTB trails are the latest installment in the ever growing Israel Bike Trail project. Combined with Masada (the mountain-top palace stronghold built by King Herod in 37-31 BCE), one of the most visited sights in Israel and the Dead Sea – the lowest place on earth (400 meters below sea level), they create a dramatic backdrop for epic desert rides through breathtaking scenery and ancient historical landmarks.

Riding style: XC / Flowing single tracks
Riding days: 3 + 1 optional
Daily Distance: 40-50 km
Daily climbs: 300-500 meters per day


Day 1 – November 20

Pick up from Tel-Aviv airport at 17:00
Transfer to Kefar Hanokdim, a beautiful Khan (desert camp) next to Arad.
Meet our team, get acquainted with your tour mates, prepare your bikes or get to know your hired bikes, and enjoy the opening dinner.

In addition to searching for flights landing in the Tel Aviv airport, we recommend searching for flights landing in Ramon airport before 16:00, these flights may be much cheaper.

Day 2 – November 21

Arad to Masada

Judean desert here we come! Kick off from Arad, situated 600 meters above sea level, just about in the middle of nowhere, nestled between the Judean and the Negev deserts.

We’ll slide down through magnificent desert scenery, via the newly paved Israel Bike Trail toward famous Masada (63 meters above sea level, 450 meters above the Dead Sea).

After the ride we will visit Masada!

  • Distance: ~40km
  • Climb: ~300 meters
  • Descent: ~900 meters
  • Accommodation: Kefar Hanokdim

Day 3 – November 22

Masada to Neve Zohar

We’ll start our day with an 11 km long, 300 meter descent on an asphalt road back to Masada.
From Masada we’ll head south along the amazing cliff-top, overlooking the Dead Sea. A 40 km ride, including the technically challenging Zeron Descent, ending in the beautiful Zohar creek.

  • Distance: ~50km
  • Climb: ~300 meters
  • Descent: ~900 meters
  • Accommodation: A Desert Nomad’s Camp built especially for you

Day 4 – November 23

Neve Zohar to the Arava

This day’s ride will take us to the area where the Judean desert changes into the white sands of the Northern Arava valley, part of the Negev desert.
The events’s longest day takes us through Prazim river bed, Amiaz plateau, crossing the Dead Sea Works plant, where Potash is mined (a mineral used widely to fertilize crops), then through two desert settlements located at the end of the world, Neot Hakikar & Ein Tamar, concluding our ride in the marvelous white limestone single track along the Zin riverbed.

  • Distance: ~50km
  • Climb: ~500 meters
  • Accommodation: Khan Shkedy in Neot Hakikar

Day 5 – November 24

End of tour – or – additional riding day in the amazing Timna Singletrack

Following breakfast, we will transfer you to Tel-Aviv airport.
Expected arrival time to the airport: 11:30

We recommend looking at flights departing from Ramon airport, requiring shorter transfer time and cheaper flights.


Enjoy an amazing ride in the Timna Park Singletrack, said to be one of the best in the world.

A 26 km ride among endless amount of desert colors, from brown to black and red, ending with a light lunch, shower and a transfer to Tel-Aviv

Price: 112 Euro per person (+40 Euro per person for those of you hiring a bike)

Prices and booking:

Price: €730 per person
Bike hire: €120 per bike

Price includes:

  • 4 nights accommodation in Desert Khans (traditional desert camp) and nomad camp
  • All your culinary needs – Breakfast, feeding zone during the riding day, after riding welcome snack and dinner
  • Plenty of free beers! including local craft beers and wine for dinner
  • Airport transfers
  • Full logistic support: Luggage transfer truck, paramedic, bike mechanic, etc.

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