Desert BikeAir

Amazing Mountain Biking adventures in the Israeli desert

November 20-24 | December 12-16 | February 6-10

The desert, a desolate and inhospitable place has remained a mystery to most people. Few have seen or experienced it first hand. Yet the desert has a magical, calm air about it! Star filled skies by night, gloriously colored landscapes by day and unique cultures, new and old. Time flows slow…

The Negev & Judea Deserts in Israel are also
a world class paradise for mountain bikers.

We at Desert BikeAir invite you to an exceptional desert mountain biking experience, riding through breathtaking scenery, meeting riders from all corners of the globe, absorbing the desert ambiance.

Just join one of our events,
We will take care of all the rest.

Our packages includes it all: Accommodation in unique desert camps, optional high-end bike hire, all your culinary needs, including authentic local food, local desert made wines and free local craft beers! Full logistical support, airport transfers.

Long Desert MTB weekend in the Dead Sea & Masada area
November 20-24, 2019

Enduro Desert MTB weekend
December 12-16, 2019

Desert MTB weekend – Southern Israel Bike Trail
February 6-10, 2020


Choose one of our amazing events

Long desert MTB weekend in the Dead Sea & Masada area

November 20-24, 2019

Enduro Desert MTB weekend

December 12-16, 2019

Desert MTB weekend – Southern Israel Bike Trail

February 6-10, 2020



The very high standard Israel Bike Trail is a combination of flowing singletracks dirt roads, with a few technical challenges that can be easily negotiated on bike or on foot. Bike-friendly for both experienced and casual MTB riders, the trail is well marked and easily followed without a map or a GPS.
Each day, mountain bikers wake up and start biking whenever they’re ready. Biking is either on your own or in small groups – which-ever suits you best. Our experienced mountain biking guides will be last on the trail, bringing up the rear and helping out when-ever necessary.


Food and Drink

Each biking day ends with a campfire and cold beer under the stars, leading up to a sumptuous dinner with meat and vegetarian options. Each day starts with a generous Israeli breakfast, then pick up or make your lunch pack, and head out for another incredible riding day in the Negev!


International Vibe

Meet people from all over the world sharing all the love to mountain biking. Ride with them during the day, and join them during the evening for a local craft beer next to the campfire. Can you imagine the vibe?



Our 4-by-4 vehicles, equipped with all the necessary gear to help solve problems along the trail.


Bike Hire

We invite you to hire one of our brand new Trek Fuel EX 9 27.5 (*), offering 120mm Fox suspension, Sram X1 1×11 gear, Shimano XT brakes, and off course an adjustable seat post.
In addition, we’ve got 15 Trek demo bikes of all types – ask us for the full list.
Bike hire price is 40 Euro per day.


In case you consider bringing your own bike, we recommend a full suspension bike of 100-140mm travel.

Gear: We recommend a back pack capable of carrying 3 liters of water, basic fixing tools, and some food.
Regular helmet is off course mandatory, sun glasses. Protective gear is not required, unless you are used to put them on in any ride. Basic first aid is always good to have.
You’ll need two suites of biking clothing, something warm to wear in camp during night time, and that’s it. Your personal bag will be transferred by our crew from each accommodation to the next, so there is no need to schlep anything along the trail..

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