How is the riding organized?

Most tours are a combination of ‘open track’ & guided riding. The meaning is you can ride your own pace, taking advantage of the fact the whole route is signed, or alternatively join our guide and enjoy his explanations along the way.
In case you choose to ride your own pace, you’ll find our team spread along the way on bikes or other vehicles.
Our Enduro tours are organized in groups of up to 15 people with a guide, while division into groups is by level of skills.

At whom is this tour aimed? (1)

Tours based on camping are perceived as low budget tours, mainly aimed at youngsters… …not in this case.
This tour is based on camping & desert camps as we believe they are a major part in the whole desert experience, providing a very special and calm vibe. …you know… campfire, million stars, cold beer, riding friends from different places… …how bad can it be?

At whom is this tour aimed? (2)

Most tours are aimed at experienced mountain bikers, capable of riding 40-50 km and climbing ~500 meters per day, as well as riding flowing singletracks.
Enduro tours are aimed at experienced mountain bikers capable of climbing 500-1,000 meters per day and looking for long and technical singletrack descends.

How do we wash ourselves after each riding day?

Most desert camps offer hot showers.
Temporary camps we build for your in the middle of nowhere offer hot bucket shower… part of the unique experience.

What about water?

We recommend bringing a back pack capable of carrying 3 liters.
In addition, there will be a water refilling point during each riding day.

How do we make sure we don’t lose our way?

Most routes are signed.
In addition, you’ll be given a GPS file that can be easily downloaded to your smartphone.
Some parts of Enduro tours are not signed, but they are lead by our guides.

What are the temperatures in the desert?

Generally speaking, temperatures spread from 18 to 25 degrees during the days, and 5-10 during the night, but differences can be more radical.

Do I need cash?

The tour package includes all your needs, no need for cash.

Do I need protective gear?

Joining most tours, here is no real need, unless it helps you to feel more confident.
Enduro tours do require using protective gear.
Helmet is off course mandatory.

Is bedding supplied?

Yes, we provide a blanket, bed linen & towels.

How is my luggage transferred?

There is a truck transferring your luggage from one desert khan to another.

Is there an option to charge my electric devices?

Yes, camps provide USB charging, and in some of them also 220 Volt.

How many people are in each tour?

Up to 150

Does the airport transfer include my bike?

Yes, although we highly recommend hiring one of our high quality bikes, allowing you a great riding experience, avoiding the need two dismount and mount your bikes (twice), with cost almost similar to carrying your bikes with you.

Can you answer special food needs?

Sure. Completing our online booking form you are asked to tell us about your special food needs, and we’ll take care for them.

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