Israel Bike Trail event

November 23-29, 2021

The Israel Bike Trail built during these days, is expected to cross the country from North to South.

The southern part, crossing the mountain biking paradise desert, already exists.

The trail is mainly a flowing singletrack crossing some of the most spectacular views the desert has to offer, while we’ve chosen for you the best 6 days: RAMON crater, NEKAROT riverbed, the ARAVA valley, KETURA ascend, KASUI dunes, the SHAHARUT cliff, and finally the TIMNA park singletrack people say to be one of the most beautiful on earth.

…and that’s only the mountain biking part, coming on top of…

Unique desert atmosphere, million stars at night with no light pollution, vagabond camp experience, delicious local food, high standard bike hire, and super friendly staff taking care of all your needs…

…making it all together a once in a lifetime experience!

Our rides are based on the OPEN TRAIL method, allowing each rider to ride his own pace avoiding the slow or fast riders hassle.

Our packages include it all: Full board accommodation including free local beers and local wines at dinner, optional high standard bike hire (as well as e-bikes), transfers to and from the event, full logistic support – luggage transfer, bike mechanic and a paramedic.

Our accommodations are mainly desert camps including showers and toilets, except one vagabond camp night including only hot bucket shower. Bed linen, blanket and towels are supplied.

  • Riding style: Mainly flowing singletracks with no technical challenges, partially desert dirt roads.
  • Riding days: 6 or 4 or 2 for your choice
  • Daily Distance: 26-48 km
  • Daily climbs: 200-500 meters per day

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Day 1 – November 23

Participates in 6 and 2 day adventure

Arrival to Kfar Hanokdim

Pick up from Tel-Aviv airport at 17:00
Transfer to Kefar Hanokdim, a beautiful desert camp next to Arad.
Meet our team, get acquainted with your tour mates, get to know your hired bikes (or mount your own), and enjoy the opening dinner.

Day 2 – November 24

Participates in 6 and 2 day adventure

Arad – Masada

Judean desert here we come! Kick off from Arad, situated 600 meters above sea level, just about in the middle of nowhere, nestled between the Judean and the Negev deserts.

We’ll slide down through magnificent desert scenery, via the newly paved Israel Bike Trail toward famous Masada (63 meters above sea level, 450 meters above the Dead Sea).

After the ride we will visit Masada!

  • Distance: ~33km
  • Climb: ~300 meters
  • Descent: ~900 meters
  • Accommodation: Kefar Hanokdim

Day 3 – November 25

Participates in 6 and 2 day adventure

Masada – Dead Sea

We’ll start our day with an 11 km long, 300 meter descent on an asphalt road back to Masada.
From Masada we’ll head south along the amazing cliff-top, overlooking the Dead Sea. A 37 km ride, including the Zeron Descent, and ending in the beautiful Zohar creek.

At the end of the ride we’ll had south with a bus to Mitzpe Ramon

  • Distance: ~48km
  • Climb: ~300 meters
  • Descent: ~900 meters
  • Accommodation: Desert Shade, Mitzpe Ramon

At this stage…

Guests who came for only 2 RIDING DAYS will be transferred to the Beer Sheva train station where they can get a direct train to Tel Aviv
Arrival to Beer Sheva is expected up to 18:00.

Guests who intend to join us for 4 RIDING DAYS will be picked up from the Beer Sheva train station at 18:00  in order to join us.

Day 4 – November 26

Participates in 6 and 4 day adventure

Mitzpe Ramon – Machtesh Ramon

Yo Negev! Here we come! Celebrate the event’s kick off by riding high up on a magnificent cliff, hugging the rim of Machtesh Ramon, the world’s largest crater, 40 km long. Say hello to the Negev ibex and eagles who make this cliff their home. Use an ancient camels path to descend to the crater’s floor, and ride through magnificent geological formations colored adobe red, turquoise green, pitch black and desert brown.

  • Riding Distance: ~45 km;
  • Uphill: 190 meters.
  • Downhill: 710 meters
  • Total: -520 meters
  • Accommodation: A vagabond camp at Machtesh Ramon built especially for you.

Day 5 – November 27

Participates in 6 and 4 day adventure

Machtesh Ramon – Arava

Exit the Machtesh (Crater) through the Nekarot creek, and ride along the world famous Spice Road, where merchants made their way to the east thousands years ago, climb up a thrilling single track, negotiating huge surfaces of dark stone. Crossing to the other side of the mountain range, you will slide fast to the remains of the ancient Nabatic town of Moah. From there, ride North to an agricultural settlement named Tzofar, where we’ll spend the night.

  • Riding distance: ~40 km.
  • Uphill: 350 meters.
  • Downhill: 540 meters
  • Total: -190 meters
  • Accommodation: Incense & Spice route inn

Day 6 – November 28

Participates in 6 and 4 day adventure

Ketura Ascend – Shaharut

After breakfast, we will transfer by bus to Ktora, where we will re-meet the Israel Bike Trail, climb the Ktora ascent, enjoy the amazing scenery of the Arava valley far below from the cliff top, then cross the beautiful white Kasui sand dunes and end up in Shaharut, the most isolated settlement in Israel, placed right on the cliff’s edge overlooking the Arava valley.

  • distance: ~40 km.
  • Climb: 400 meters.
  • Accommodation: A vagabond camp in SHAHARUT

Day 7 – November 29

Participates in 6 and 4 day adventure

Timna Park

Timna National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Israel. Ages of geological shifts and erosion have created a spectacular façade mostly consisting of red sand stone. Every corner in the park is breathtaking and cycling through this landscape is truly magical.
After breakfast we will ride the 30 km single-track, experiencing the amazing scenery the park has to offer with its endless amount of rock colors and formations.

At the end of the ride we’ll offer you a light lunch, and transfer you to the Tel Aviv airport (*)
Expected arrival time to Tel-Aviv: 20:00

  • Riding distance: ~30km
  • Climb: ~200 meters

(*) If you wish to go home at the day the event ends, we recommend searching for flights departing from Eilat – Ramon airport, located only 15 minutes drive from the event finish point. This airport does not offer (yet) a large variety of flights, but flights are much cheaper, and save the transfer time to Tel Aviv, even if flight home requires a connection. Arrival to Ramon airport is on your own responsibility (a 15 minutes taxi ride).

Select your adventure

Choose the number of days you wish to book


6 Riding Days

November 23-29, 2021

4 Riding Days

November 25-29, 2021

2 Riding Days

November 23-25, 2021


  • Full event 6 riding days – 4,890 NIS
  • 4 riding days – 3,550 NIS
  • 2 riding days – 1,990 NIS

Bike Hire:

  • Regular bikes: 200 NIS per riding day
  • e-bikes: 300 NIS per riding day (limited amount)

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