Terms of payment

A 25% deposit will be charged upon booking.

The balance will be charged one month prior arrival.

Terms of cancellation

Cancellation terms follow the Israeli consumer  protection regulations from 2010, and consumer protection law from 1981.

If cancellation is made up to 14 days after booking, but not less than 7 business days before the event, cancellation fee will be 5% of the total cost.

If cancellation is made 15 days after booking and more than 29 days before the event, cancelation fee will be 25% of the total cost.

If cancellation is made from 29 days or less, but more than 8 days before the holiday’s beginning date, 40% of the total cost of the holiday will be charged.

If cancellation is made from 7 days or less no refund will be returned.


The organizers bear no responsibility for injury or damage done to the body, soul, or property of the participants.

Riding a mountain bike or an e-bike requires great physical effort. Participants in the holiday must be aware that they have no medical or other limitations that prevent them from withstanding such an effort.

It should be known that riding a mountain bike entails some danger, including the danger of death.

In case of emergency, all rescue operations will be based upon the local rescue services. Participants will be responsible for any fees charged.

Participants are obligated to have personal accident insurance for “active sports,” including evacuation by any means (including by air), surgery, hospitalization, and medical flight home.

It is advisable to have baggage insurance.

In case a hired bike is stolen or suffer any damage, the customer will have to pay the full costs.

The company does not carry any responsibility to changes in event plans made due to actions or decisions made by local authorities, weather, and security situation

Hired bikes do not include any insurance. Any damage in the bikes has to be paid on the spot, as well as a full payment for the bikes in case they are stolen

Errors and Omissions Excepted

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